Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy

Operation Abyss ps vita
Description :

From the studio that made Demon Gaze comes Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy ps vita , a sci-fi dungeon crawler RPG set in a near future Tokyo. With the city under the constant threat of Variants—genetically engineered monsters—and the emergence of portals leading to a mysterious dimension called the Abyss, the government has established the Code Physics Agency to investigate these mysterious phenomena. The Xth Squad—a unique group of teens modified by the CPA’s Code technology—must evade traps, face down powerful monsters, and investigate the mystery behind the Abyss.

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tales of hearts r

tales of hearts r ps vita
Description :

Kor Meteor is a youngster surviving in a small village by the sea who trains with his grandfather in the ways of the sword. Impressed by Kor’s increasing skills, his grandfather leaves to him an atypical weapon known as a Soma. Kor meets a young lady, Kohaku Hearts who is in search of a Soma weapon along with her brother Hisui. Amidst their search, a mysterious witch surfaces and casts a spell on Kohaku’s Spiria, the embodiment of her heart and soul. Kor tries to lift the spell by connecting to her Spiria but inadvertently shatters her Spiria Core, the font of all her emotions. Kor, armed only with the Soma left to him by his grandfather, must now embark on a journey to discover a way to make Kohaku’s Spiria whole once again

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Ar nosurge Plus

Ar nosurge Plus ps vita
Description :

In AR NOSURGE: ODE TO AN UNBORN STAR ps vita , the player follows two sets of characters: Delta and Casty, whose goal is to protect humanity and save the world, and Ion & Earthes, who are trying to find Ion a way home to Earth. The player can interchange between both pairs and soon discover a way to combine their storylines and strengths to eventually solve the mystery that shrouds their ongoing struggle

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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate ps vita
Description :

For a big blockbuster game, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate ps vita   sure has a lot in common with Bejeweled. And no, I’m not hating on Bejeweled, but it’s basically just something satisfying that you do to waste time. Swing your weapon around, and watch enemies die: that’s the game. Repeat. It does have a particularly satisfying sense of progression, though – your favorite character goes from feeble to undefeatable in a fairly linear and satisfying way, and if you ever want to ramp up the difficulty, there are always a hundred more characters you’ve never considered playing with who are still enfeebled. Overall, I’d categorize this game as a guilty pleasure; it’s the kind of game you might sink forty hours into and then insist to your friends that you were playing something that was actually good

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Valhalla Knight 3

Valhalla Knight 3 Ps vita Free
Description :

Valhalla Knights 3  Ps vita  is making a return with more features, content and freedom of customization, allowing players to create the ultimate battle party. Additional races, job classes, weapons and monsters enhance the real-time tactical team comba

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