Corpse Party Blood Drive

Corpse Party Blood Drive ps vita
Description :

Corpse Party: Blood Drive ps vita is the final installment of the story that began with Corpse Party and continued in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. Players take direct control of a character or party of characters and explore the ruins of Heavenly Host Elementary and other locations from a top-down 3D perspective

Corpse Party ps vita has been regarded as one of the goriest and scariest franchises ever since its PlayStation Portable remake. Despite it’s humbleRPG Maker roots, the series was able to creep out players thanks to great artwork and vivid descriptions of deaths. After toying around with being a point-and-click adventure game in Book of Shadows, the series has made the jump to 3D gameplay and models in Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Has the series lost something in the move to 3D



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Genre : action

Type: ISO

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