Dynasty Warriors Next

Download Dynasty Warriors Next Psvita

Download Dynasty Warriors Next Ps vita

Description :

Slightly losing ground in recent years, the Dynasty WarriorsPs vita  series returns with an episode called Vita PS Next. The message is clear, this album is dedicated to erasing the past to better look to the future. The news will therefore legion, but they are appropriate? On the merits, Dynasty Warriors Next episode looks like a relatively conventional. We will relive again and the Romance of Three Kingdoms through a campaign mode we offer a unifying China to the brink of chaos. We will then engage in epic battles to quell the rebellions that are popping up all over the country. The action could not be more traditional because we embody a general who will make their way on the battlefield by eliminating thousands of enemies. To prevail, it will take various areas (feature taken from Dynasty Warriors: Gundam) before attacking the fortress of your opponent and possibly face in one against one.

Download Dynasty Warriors Next Ps vita

Insights vita
Gameplay :

Publisher: Tecmo Koei

Developer Tecmo Koei

Genre : Beat’em all / Action


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Download Dynasty Warriors Next Ps vita