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Let’s face it, lego the hobbit ps vita is very in vogue at the moment. There are LEGO products coming out almost too fast to count, with almost every franchise or intellectual property imaginable getting the “block” treatment. To be fair, a great deal of this can be laid at the feet of Traveller’s Tales, the video game developer that has brought us so many memorable hours collecting studs and solving puzzles, all the while laughing at the wry re-imagining of memorable movies and inherent

I am a huge fan of lego the hobbit ps vita , both the plastic toys that I spent countless hours with as a kid, and the video games that I now spend countless hours with as an adult.  TT Games has continually exhibited a unique ability to infuse whatever popular franchise they choose with loads of LEGO charm from Star Wars to Indiana Jones, to Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and even DC and Marvel superheroes, but their Lord of the Rings games have been some of the best and LEGO


Publisher:  Wp games

Developer:  Wp games

Genre :  action


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