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FIFA 16 ps-vita geeft je de tools om je tegenstander met vertrouwen te stoppen. Beweeg als verdediger met meer vrijheid - vertrouw op je team om als eenheid te verdedigen en op je achterlijn om dreigende runs te volgen om een balans te creëren tussen aanvallen en verdedigen. FIFA 16 is zo dicht bij het echte spel als spelers ooit zullen krijgen en continu ondersteuning in de vorm van wedstrijddagupdates en Ultimate Team-uitdagingen zullen het verder versterken als de beste voetbalsim op de markt. 

So, can FIFA 16 ps-vita  make it two storming performances in a row? In most respects, yes, building on EA Sport’s more authentic brand of football and fixing many of the few complaints we had about FIFA 15. The graphics and presentation might not have moved on much, but it’s an even more welcoming game of football and its modes are better fleshed out. All the same, some things have changed since FIFA 15, and not everyone will find these changes welcome. If you were looking for a polished, perfected version of the last FIFA, you won’t find what you’re looking for here.The result of all of this is that FIFA 16 ps vita  is full of scrappy back and forth, the ability to play patient possession football, and a greater range of passing than ever. The dominance of pace in last year’s game is over, although sometimes it does seem as though it has been offed through foul means, with through-balls, for instance, feeling conspicuously limited, unwilling to put players in the clear either up the lines or over the top of defences. But for the most part the new style of play–slower, grittier, but still skilled–seems like it’s been achieved through nurturing rather than nerfing.Much like its predecessor, FIFA 16 playstation vita  is likely to be picked up by a brand new audience purely thanks to the fact that professional soccer is growing exponentially in popularity in North America. Thankfully, newcomers and veterans alike will find an excellent game of soccer that yet again takes advantage of the higher processing power of current-gen consoles to deliver an experience more realistic than ever.
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Uitgever: EA Sport

Ontwikkelaar: EA Sport

Genre : Football

Type: ISO

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Download Fifa 16 Ps vita