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Terraria Ps vita  has managed to regale individuals with countless hours of unbridled entertainment since 2011. Over the past two years, the game has offered incredibly rewarding, ridiculously satisfying exploration and building gameplay. After being exclusively available on PC, Terraria is now headed to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network for a whole new audience to enjoy.
Welcome Time Wasters! This week I went back to play a game that I’ve already reviewed once before, Terraria Ps vita . Normally I wouldn’t review a game twice, but Terraria recently had a huge update (Version 1.2) that came out and added tons of extra content. I figured this warranted going back and giving the game another look. As I mentioned in my previous review of Terraria (over two years ago!), there is no such thing as a story.

Publisher:  Wp games

Developer:  Wp games

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