May 31
download Conception II Children of the Seven Stars ps vita
Description :

If you’ve always wanted to go dungeon crawling with your children, but don’t have the time or the money to conceive some of your own, then look no further than Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars ps vita  . That said, despite trying its best to ape all of the good aspects of the later Persona games, it falls short in both the writing and the combat

Like typical academies filled with teenagers, Conception II ‘s National Star God Academy exists for the sole purpose to train disciples to kill the monsters that plague the world. Being a disciple occurs when one day your discover the mark of the Star God upon your hand; at this point you are destined to fight the creatures that come out of Dusk Circles.



Publisher:  Wp games

Developer:  Wp games

Genre :  action


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Download Conception II Children of the Seven Stars  Ps vita

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