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Description :

Samurai Warriors 4  Ps vita primary mode, Story Mode, is separated into 2 parts, regional stories, which tell the tales of the officers of various regions around the land such as Kyūshū and Shikoku, and the story of unification, which details events up to the end of the Warring States era. By way of contrast to previous games in the SW series, the battles and the stories surrounding them are portrayed by faction, allowing the dramatic relationships between characters to be explored in more depth than ever before. Experience the convictions, intertwining ambitions and motivations that each character bears for yourself

Samurai Warriors 4-II Ps vita is weird- and I mean weirder than the average musou game. The weirdness here comes from questions about exactly what this game is– is it a re-release? An expansion? A sequel? The name implies it’s a straight up sequel, but really, it’s a bit more complicated than just that. Samurai Warriors 4-II occupies some sort of nebulous intersection of those three spheres. It’s somehow all three at once.



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Genre : action

Type: ISO

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