Space Hulk

Space Hulk ps vita
Description :

Space Hulk ps vita Based on the best-selling board game and set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Space Hulk is a 3D digital turn based strategy game that recreates the classic claustrophobic board game experience for single player and multiplayer cross-platform play between PC, Mac and on iOS.

Ultimately, Space Hulk ps vita  is a fine game, a pleasant diversion. I rarely wanted to play more than one mission at a time, but I was also happy to return after a few hours. I’m have to doubt that there’s much replay value to the 12 campaign missions, though multiplayer will extend their life considerably. The main problem with Space Hulk, though, is that its designers couldn’t let it deviate from or build on the simple rules of a board game experience that lacks tactical depth


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Genre : action

Type: ISO

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