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superbeat xonic ps vita
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SUPERBEAT: XONiC ps vita  is a fantastic rhythm game that uses its roots to its advantage; drawing from DJ MAX experience to create a portable addiction that’s accessible to all fans of the genre, and playable (with a challenge) at all skill levels. If you pick up one rhythm game this year it should most certainly be this one!Rhythm games are coming into a bit of a renaissance. In addition to a goodly amount of Japanese games being localized that bring a variety of playstyles for gamers to enjoy, the much-awaited return of the likes of ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Guitar Hero’ are threatening to repeat the revival of the genre that happened when ‘Guitar Hero’ first released in 2006.


Superbeat: Xonic ps vita  is obviously a very inspired title. It oozes style on every menu, but fails to imbue the actual gameplay with a compelling reason to keep playing. When compared to other Vita rhythm games, there’s little which would make most players opt for this over DJMax Technika or even Persona 4: Dancing All Night. The former has a much greater songlist and replay value, while Persona 4 carries with it similar gameplay with a recognizable cast and tracklist. Superbeat: Xonic is lacking all that. While gameplay at the core is functional and multilayered, most won’t find themselves excited to play over and over again

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Genre : action

Type: ISO

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