Deception IV Blood Ties

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Description :

Deception IV: Blood Ties  ps vita feels like the half-baked first attempt at a good idea. It’s the kind of game that leaves you thinking, “Well, if they build on this concept, it will make a hell of a sequel!” The problem, unfortunately, is right there in the title — Deception IV is no first attempt — it is the fourth game in a series. That’s bad, really bad

Deception IV: Blood Ties  ps vita :  Plenty of games have explored the concept of playing as the bad guy (or girl), but none take this idea to quite the level of novel absurdity as the peculiar Deception franchise. Launched in the mid ’90s and quickly earning a cult following, the series understands that the best villains are the ones who fight just out of reach, constantly cloaked in shadows, keeping their hands clean while still letting heads roll at a slow but steady pace




Publisher:  Wp games

Developer:  Wp games

Genre :  action


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