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It’s dangerous to go alone into Sword Art Online: Lost Song ps vita . The single-player campaign is paper thin, combat and enemies are repetitive, and the fan service kept to a minimum. On the other hand, adding other players to the mix lets you find the fun in its smooth controls, coordinating attacks against hordes of enemies, and tough competitive duels.

While in the midst of my 15th boss fight in Sword Art Online: Lost Song ps vita , all I could think was: is this really all there is to it? I had fought the same type of hydra creature at least half a dozen times before, and had long since memorized a strategy for defeating it. Sword skill, sword skill, dodge, dodge, dodge, magic blast, magic blast. “Repeat as necessary” pretty much sums up the entire dull single-player campaign for Lost Song. The multiplayer does bring some much needed energy into combat, with fast-paced player vs. player rounds and a variety of co-op missions, but even that can only last for so long


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