The Walking Dead Season 2

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Description :

A House Divided’ leverages streamlined  The Walking Dead Season 2 ps vita gameplay to yield serious character and plot development. Alongside more technical polish than The Walking Dead has ever seen, this is Telltale’s best effort yet.

The Walking Dead Season 2 ps vita  premiere of The Walking Dead is predictable in good and bad ways — its character drama is strong, its technical prowess is not. Clementine’s character development highlights the fact that she was a secondary character, someone to look out for, in the first season. Here, she’s come into her own, learned from the Lee Everett we knew more about, and is stronger than she’s ever been — both as a person and a story’s subject




Publisher:  Wp games

Developer:  Wp games

Genre :  action


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Download  The Walking Dead Season 2  Ps vita